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Mail/Wire Fraud Investigations

Investigations that result in charges of mail or wire fraud generally begin by focusing on the underlying scheme. For example, in a bank fraud investigation where a loan officer is alleged to have knowingly made unscrupulous mortgage loans in order to boost his commission payments, the loan officer may receive a target letter informing him that he is the subject of an ongoing investigation. As the FBI is investigating the underlying mortgage fraud, they will most likely find phone calls and emails, along with electronic form submissions, that are in furtherance of the fraud. Thus, in addition to charges of bank fraud or mortgage fraud, the loan officer very well may find himself indicted on charges of mail fraud and wire fraud. If it is determined that his scheme deprived the bank’s shareholders of their intangible right to his honest and faithful services, then he could face honest services fraud charges as well. A government investigation can be a harrowing experience for the subject of scrutiny. If you believe you are being investigated or receive a target letter from an investigatory agency, it is important that you contact a skilled and experienced attorney for representation as soon as possible. Boles Holmes White, LLC offers expertise in mail and wire fraud defense, both before and after an indictment has been issued.