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Mail fraud and wire fraud are serious federal criminal charges that prosecutors argue are widely applicable to all sorts of conduct. One charged criminally with mail fraud is alleged to have used the United States Postal Service in connection with and in furtherance of a scheme or artifice to defraud another of money or property. Likewise, someone who is being investigated for wire fraud is being looked at for using an interstate wire transfer (such as a telephone call, an email, or a money wire transfer) to further some criminal scheme.

Wire Fraud and Mail Fraud charges typically accompany other charges in a federal indictment. For instance, if someone is accused of Bribery, and they received bribe money through the U.S. mail, they can be charged with both Bribery and Mail Fraud. Similarly, if someone is engaged in a mortgage fraud, and uses a telephone to place an interstate call to a co-defendant to plan the mortgage fraud scheme, the prosecution will likely charge that individual with both the Mortgage Fraud, as well as Wire Fraud for using the telephone in furtherance of the criminal scheme. Wire Fraud and Mortgage Fraud are two of the most common Federal Criminal Charges, and can be some of the most serious. These charges are so common that a familiar joke within the offices of federal prosecutors across the country is: “When in doubt, charge Mail Fraud.”

However, these charges are not a laughing matter. The mail and wire fraud attorneys at Boles Holmes White, LLC have vast experience handling Federal criminal cases. With decades of experience and a significant courtroom presence, the firm is ready to discuss your criminal wire fraud or mail fraud trial. If you or someone you know are facing these charges, please contact the mail and wire fraud attorneys at Boles Holmes White, LLC firm today at 205-502-2000.